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A virgin's hands pray for control of the remote

Altar for St. Clare

In 1958, Pope Pius the XII decided TV needed divine guidance and ordained St. Clare of Assisi as the patron saint of television.

Born in 1194, eight centuries before TV, her main qualification seems to be that as she lay dying , she witnessed her last mass on the wall of her cell as if on television.

Having spent my entire life either watching or creating television, I decided it was my duty to shamelessly celebrate the tube and all things televisionary. Armed with my glow-in-the-dark saint and with tongues firmly in cheek, Sculptor Steve Markovics and I set out to create a TV Shrine from television parts, idiols, and icons

St. Clare is protected by a plastic Kraft Music Hall Cameraman and a ceramic cameraman "of the dead" from Mexico.

A couch potato turns his back on TV and reads Marshal McLuhan's "The Medium Is the Message"

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