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History Of Television

Paul Nipkow

John Logie Baird

Philo T. Farnsworth


1884 German inventor Paul Nipkow patents the first rotating disc mechanical television system, but never builds one.

1895 Italian physicist Guglielmo Marconi transmits Morse code via wireless for the first time.

1897 Karl Ferdinand Braun invents the first cathode-ray tube.

1924 John Logie Baird transmits first moving silhouette using a mechanical system. Four years later in 1928, he obtains the first color television picture using a Nipkow disc.


1906 Lee Deforest develops a vacuum tube capable of signal amplification, crucial to early TV, radio, and electronics.

1923 Vladimir Zworykin, patents an electronic camera the uc0u147 Iconoscopeu148 . Five years later he patents an all electronic television system for RCA.

1926 American teenager Philo T. Farnsworth invents an all-electonic system of television, patented in 1930.

1926 NBC the first TV network is created, Their first television broadcast will take place in 1931.

1928 W2XBS first tv station in New York. First image is of Felix the Cat.

1929 Milton Berle, the future uc0u147 Mr. Televisionu148 appears in an early experimental TV broadcast in Chicago.

1938 Allen B. Dumont manufactures the first all electronic tv set for sale the the public in North America.

1939 TV sets go on sale. $125 for a 3uc0u148 screen, $600 for a 12u148 . Franklin Roosevelt is televised opening the Worlduc0u146 s Fair.

1941 World War 2 starts, television factories are converted for radar and other military electronics production.

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